User Privacy policy

Updated August 2023

Personal data

When you register as a user, you must provide at least your name and email address. Optional information such as phone number, city, and country may be required for specific features. Your name, city, and country are publicly displayed. Phone number and email address are visible to users with common matches or ongoing competitions, and if you reply to messages sent via the messaging feature, the recipient can see your email address.

We collect your email address for login purposes and communication. It is also used for password recovery and match-related notifications.

If you choose to register via Facebook, we will collect your name, email, and profile picture from Facebook. City and country may also be collected optionally.

When you join a competition, the competition administrator can view your personal data.

You can modify your personal data in My settings.

Indirect Data

In addition to registered data, indirect data may be processed, including the sports you engage in, competitions entered, and preferred match locations.

Data Logging

Actions performed in the system are logged for a specified period, including the user's IP address.

Email Communication

Our system sends match-related information, including bookings and reminders. Occasionally, we also send emails for system updates and important information. Additionally, we may send out sports-related campaigns and offers. You can easily manage your email preferences through the My settings menu, including the option to turn off specific types of emails as per your preferences.


We use cookies for a better user experience and login functionality. If you select "Remember me on this device," a cookie is saved until you log out. Disabling cookies won't affect system usage.

Third party integrations

Google Analytics

To gather insights into visitor statistics and improve our services, we utilize Google Analytics. This involves placing cookies on users' devices. The data collected is used to enhance user experiences and optimize our platform.


For secure and seamless payment processing, we partner with Stripe. Stripe is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy. Your credit card information is stored in a secure manner, and Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification in the payment industry.


For squash players, we have partnered with SquashLevels, a cutting-edge rating system that aims to offer you tools similar to those found in a golf handicap system. By retrieving your match results from various sources, SquashLevels utilizes this data to accurately calculate your genuine ranking.

To ensure the utmost privacy and compliance, please note the following:

Before any information is published to SquashLevels, the club or organization managing the competition must comply to GDPR regulations, safeguarding your personal data and ensuring its responsible handling.

Furthermore, we respect your right to privacy. If you would like to maintain greater control over your personal data within SquashLevels, you can contact them and request that your personal data be hidden.

Please be assured that our collaboration with SquashLevels is aimed at enhancing your experience as a squash player while maintaining a strong focus on data protection and privacy.

Data Storage

All data is stored within secure data centers in the EU.

Data Deletion

You can remove certain personal information in My settings. To delete all data and close your account, please contact [email protected].